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For qualifying nonprofit organizations, Hope-2-Others Foundation provides funds through our Community Grants program and Disaster Relief program. Hope-2-Others makes grants to 501c(3) organizations within the United States; consideration may be given to United States-based organizations with programs across the globe. Priority is given to organizations in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas and other parts of the United States. Secondary priority given to Canada, Costa Rica, Lebanon, and Mexico.

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Disaster Relief

Hope-2-Others is committed to supporting communities in the event of a crisis or natural disaster. Disasters will be declared by the board of directors of theHope-2-Others Foundation based on the threshold commonly used by federal, state, or local emergency response agencies. Once a disaster has been declared by Hope-2-Others (via our website), the disaster assistance process will open and applications will be accepted.

Community Grants

Community grants focus on developing people, families, and communities. Hope-2-Others seeks to partner with nonprofit organizations that focus on addressing the spiritual development of people, leveling the playing field in education, accessing healthcare, and creating better living conditions for the most vulnerable in our community.

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