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Hope-2-Others Foundation has three distinct programs where funding is distributed in order to strengthen our community by bringing hope to others. These funding areas are: scholarships to students for higher education, community grants to nonprofit organizations, and a disaster relief assistance program, also for nonprofit organizations - with applications only open in the event of a declared disaster.


A Hope-2-Others scholarship supports students who face barriers to attaining higher education. We offer two scholarships: our renewable Community Scholarship is designed to eliminate virtually all barriers to attending college and the One Act of Hope Scholarship is a one-time award that recognizes a young person’s giving spirit.

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Disaster Relief

Hope-2-Others is committed to supporting communities in the event of a crisis or natural disaster. Disasters will be declared by the board of directors of theHope-2-Others Foundation based on the threshold commonly used by federal, state, or local emergency response agencies. Once a disaster has been declared by Hope-2-Others (via our website), the disaster assistance process will open and applications will be accepted.

Community Grants

Community grants focus on developing people, families, and communities. Hope-2-Others seeks to partner with nonprofit organizations that focus on addressing the spiritual development of people, leveling the playing field in education, accessing healthcare, and creating better living conditions for the most vulnerable in our community.

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